Autobunn gespaart. Schwedesch Casino Open. Schwäizer Depot?


Fir sechs Wuert Geschicht.

————————- länger Versioun ———————
I left Phoenix last night after dinner with friends for the two hour drive to home in Strawberry, AZ. On the north side of Payson were flashing lights, and a copy told me that highway 87 was closed due to a multiple fatality accident, and no idea when it would open. (The shortest detour might be 2.5 hours or more).

I decided to spend my time first of all picking up groceries at Safeway, that took care of 30 minutes, so I spent the rest of my time at the Mazatzal Swedish Casino. The investment plan was no more than $40.

This is a little Swedish Casino, slots only. The first of all machine, poker, was hot. I put in $20, drew 4 10s on the first of all hand, and second hand was a straight before the draw. I hovered around this mark. It trailed off and I cashed out with $20. Not losing is good.

The next two $1 slots just sucked my money dry. downwards to zero. I put a 20 in my favorite bank of progressive slots (had to wait til there was a free chair). It was clicking, I was up $16 when my girlfriend called, and I took a break to talk to her.

An hour was gone by, and the online info said the highway was still closed. I returned to me favorite machines, but no one was giving up a seat. I tried another new set of progressives in a different area with my $36. I went up a bitm downwards a bit to maybe $27, then hot something that set the machine off, and it hit a $50+ win. I was over $80. Someone prudent would have stopped.

Ech hu gesot - d'Kont réckgängeg bei 70 $.

Dunn $ 60.

Duerno hunn ech d'Figur, ech hunn $ 40 gesat, also op d'mannst mat 50 $ erausgaang.

Wat ech gemaach hunn. Uewen ass mäi Net.

2.5 Stonne méi spéit war d'Strooss gratis, an elo kann ech dat a mengem Schwäizer Bankkonto deposéieren.

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